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Socializing Hissy Kittens 101

Kittens born outside that have had no exposure to humans often go into foster care very hissy and scared. Under 12 weeks is the prime time to socialize them to human beings and get them used to living inside a house.

All rescues need people who can help socialize kittens and make them adoptable. If you are interested in learning how to socialize kittens, check out our webinar here.

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Bottle Feeding Kittens 101

Sometimes tiny baby kittens are left behind by mom, something happened to mom or (unfortunately) a well-intentioned person takes the baby while mom is away. These babies who are not weaned need around-the-clock care and someone who is willing to put extra time into ensuring they grow up nice and healthy.

Bottle feeders are a special breed of person who truly put the animal's needs above their own. If you are interested in what bottle feeding a neonatal kittens entails, check out our webinar here.

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