Success Stories

Our Gallery of Happily Adopted Fuzzy Friends!

Rey - Adopted!

"Rey is one in a million cats... she's a purr machine and has been having a good time sleeping in my lap. She's brought so much joy to the house in such a short time. Thank you for everything!"

Jalapeño - Adopted!

“He’s so precious. My precious little monster boy. He’s got a great personality. When he sees us he runs to us.”

Poe - Adopted!

All my daugter does is carry him. He's gonna forget how to walk lol. He basically runs this house.”

Finn - Adopted!

What a sweetheart! What he isn't playing with his new cat brother and sister, he's snuggled up in my lap. A perfect addition to our house!

Millie - Adopted!

Millie- Adopted!

“She is so very playful and watches TV a lot. Made herself completely at home by the second night. We love her. Thank you Grateful Paws.”

Shadow - Adopted!

"His new brother and him played very nice for over an hour and then had breakfast together. We couldn’t be happier. It is going so well."

Amber - Adopted!

“I swear she’s the best thing that happened to me this year!”

Biggie and Hannah - Adopted!

We are so happy and these cats fit into our family so well. They are everything we hoped for

Misty - Adopted!

"Misty is doing great. We are definitely getting to know each other and learn more about each other each day that passes. She hasn’t laid on my lap or wanted to cuddle like that yet. But she definitely lays close to me. She is learning the certain noises I make when I want her to come to me or when it’s time to eat or get treats."