Grateful Paws offers other programs in addition to traditional adoption of cats and kittens.

The two programs below are our most popular. We are constantly looking for ideas so if you have a program idea, shoot us an email!

Seniors for Seniors

Grateful Paws NJ hosts a Seniors for Seniors program, in which individuals 60+ and/or on government assistance may adopt a senior cat in a permanent foster agreement in which the rescue pays for food, litter, and medical care. Program participants are expected to give the animal unconditional love and take to and from vet appointments.

Please note that you may not be able to select the animal under this program. We will select an animal that best fits your particular situation and household. Most likely, this animal is sitting in a shelter, which we will then pull from the shelter once a program participant is found.

Apply for the Seniors for Seniors program through the adoption link, and under Animal Name, enter “Seniors for Seniors".

Proof of age and government assistance is required.

Host a Feral Cat

A feral cat is a cat that is not socialized to humans. It grew up outside and had little to no human interaction throughout its life. These cats are not adoptable and do not want to live inside. Often feral cats need to be relocated due to living in unsafe conditions. Just because they’re feral doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to live a happy life. After all, feral cats exist because, at some point, a domesticated unfixed cat was left outside and procreated. Feral cats are the fault of humans.

Feral cats, unlike dogs, bury their excrement (poop). Contrary to popular belief, unless there is a male defending his territory, you will not smell cat pee either. You most likely won't see much of the feral cat besides feeding time. And you get the added benefit of free rodent control in your garden and around your property.

Grateful Paws NJ is always looking for homeowners to host feral cats. Hosting a feral cat means you will feed them daily, provide fesh water, and provide a winterized shelter. You should purchase a trap in case you need to trap it to take to vet appointments. The ideal property to host a feral cat is a low vehicular traffic street, a town that does not frown upon feeding stray cats, and a property with lots of greenery but little to no predators.

Hosting a feral cat is a very rewarding experience.

If you are interested in hosting a feral cat, please fill out our adoption application and enter “Feral Cat” under the Animal Name field.